Bodywork / Rehabilitation

bodywork rehabilitation2012 Developer of Autonomic Fascial Integration
2004 Developer of Tensegrity Matrix Bodywork synthesis of bodywork techniques.
2019 Your Walking Engine / Diagonals Touch to Inform Seminars
2017 Feldenkrais: Lifelong Agility,  Touch to Inform Seminars
2007 Neuro-mechanical Acupuncture, Introductory Course, Acumend Medical, Toronto
2007 ETPS Advanced Circuits, Neuro-mechanical Acupuncture. Acumed Medical
2008 ETPS Orthopedic Rehab Hip Knee Shoulder.  Acumed Medical Toronto, Canada
2008 ETPS, Scar Release Therapy, Headaches, Advanced Protocols. Acumed Medical
2005 Cert. Gross Anatomy University of South Florida College of Medicine (Tampa)
Dip. Specialized Kinesiology 1999 Mexico (IISP)
1995-1998 Apprenticeship in Structural Integration Bodywork Louis A Gross, Master Practitioner, Rolf Method
1999 Dip. Meridian Therapies IISP, Mexico
1998 Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation AMI, Cocoa Beach, FL
1997 Diploma in Massage Therapy  Advanced Massage Institute of Cocoa Beach, FL
1997 Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork  NCBTMB
1996 Spinal Touch Practitioner  Earth Academy of Natural Health Sciences (ANPA)
1994 Touch for Health Kinesiology 21st Century Learning Unlimited, FL
1987 Dip. Shiatsu IISP Mexico
1987 Dip. Reflexology  IISP Mexico
1997 – present : ongoing continuing education special interest bodywork courses 24 hours per year since 1997.

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