specialized kinesiologySpecialized Kinesiology

1994 Certified One Brain Kinesiologist AKA Three in one Concepts, (former instructor), (Neuro-plasticity applications, energy psychology, trauma resolution) 21st Century Learning Unlimited. FL 

1994 Touch for Health Kinesiology

1995 Brain Integration Kinesiology – Accessing and repatterning brain function, The Brain Wave Organization,  CA.

1997 CLEAR (cellular level emotional access and release). Earth Academy of Natural Health Sciences – (American Naturopathic Practitioners Association), Orlando, FL. 

1999 Dip. Specialized Kinesiology: Instituto Internacional de Sciencias Progresivas (IISP) Mexico 

Original Work:

Integrative Kinesiology. Taught since 2004 (2-year practitioner training in brain repatterning, trauma resolution, psycho-emotional and energetic healing).